Free Personal Safety Tips

Suzy Lamplugh Trust offer personal safety tips and guidance on a wide range of subjects.  If there is a personal safety issue that we have not covered but that you would like to see some guidance on, please email to let us know. These tips are suggestions only and should not be regarded as comprehensive sources of advice.

Phone safety

How to secure your iPhone, Android or Microsoft phone Is your mobile phone secure? Are you sure? Check out the Digital Trust’s great tips on making sure your phone is secure and not betraying your personal safety!

Safety for Estate Agents

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Estate agents spend much of their working day meeting strangers and showing them around empty properties. There are obvious personal safety risks associated with these tasks so we would offer the following advice to help minimise those risks. Always record the name, address and contact phone numbers of all clients where the information is easily […]

estate agent

Working Alone

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On the frontline For example receptionists, retail staff etc: Ensure you have a means of communicating with others. Some form of emergency alarm system should be in place which will enable you to summon assistance if necessary.  Is it tested? Do people know how to respond? Make sure that any cash is kept out of […]

working alone

Safety When Walking The Dog

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Taking your dog for their daily walks is one of the pleasures of owning them but before heading off to the park or round the streets, it’s worth thinking about how you can both enjoy your walk and stay safe. Fortunately the risks are low but you can reduce them further by taking the following […]

walking the dog

Travelling For Work

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Public Transport Obtain timetable and fare information before travelling to prevent you waiting around for long periods at bus stops or stations.   When waiting for public transport after dark, try to wait in well-lit areas and near emergency alarms and CCTV cameras.   If you work for an organisation that receives unwelcome attention from […]

travelling for work

Transport Safety

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Travelling by train, bus or taxi/minicab is generally very safe but violent and aggressive incidents do happen, so it makes sense to take a few simple precautions to improve your safety and increase your confidence. If you feel threatened Trust your instincts – If you are at all worried, ask the driver to stop in […]

transport safety

Student Safety

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The risk of suffering from violence or aggression is thankfully very low but you do need to be careful, especially when you are in a new environment with new people.  By taking some simple, basic precautions you can easily reduce the risks and take control of your own safety. Accommodation When you leave your room […]

student safety

Selling Your Property

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Selling your property is a stressful business and there’s a lot to think about but it’s important that you also consider your personal safety. The selling process can involve a  number of complete strangers looking around your home and this is not without risk. However, by taking the following precautions you can improve your safety.  […]

selling your property

Safety on the Street

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It takes three things for a violent or aggressive incident to happen – a victim, a perpetrator and an opportunity. By taking some suitable safety precautions, you can reduce the opportunities and therefore the risk of becoming a victim. Plan ahead. Before you go out, think about how you are going to get home, e.g.  […]

on the streets

Safety at Home

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We all like to feel safe and secure, especially in and around our own homes. Whether we live alone or with a partner, friends or family, keeping safe is something we all need to think about but sometimes take for granted.   Inside your home Try and look at your home through the eyes of […]

at home