Covid-19 is having a significant impact on all sectors, though unfortunately the charity sector is one of those at greatest risk. With fundraising events being cancelled across the country for the foreseeable future and a huge loss of income for the general public as a result of the crisis, fundraising income for the sector is rapidly depleting, creating un-paralleled challenges that will regretfully see many charities fold, leaving many of the most vulnerable people across society without any form of support. 

Although we are still managing to operate core services, we are also experiencing a drop in our unrestricted funds. We work tirelessly to support vulnerable and at high-risk victims of stalking through the National Stalking Helpline; work with employers across all sectors to better protect their employees against increased incidents of aggressive and violent behaviours across society; and campaign heavily to raise greater awareness of personal safety and stalking issues, demanding systemic change where needed, influencing public policy and promoting changes in the law as well as a society in which people are safer and feel safer. 

Your generous support will not only help us through this difficult time, but will make an invaluable difference to so many individuals and families across society.


A few years ago I attended one of your personal safety courses through my work. In dealing with how we considered risk, the woman talking to us said, 'just imagine your parents being told that you have been killed or hurt at work.' I sat there putting two and two together, and facing up to reality, realising that if I didn't leave my abusive partner it could be my parents getting the news. That sentence gave me the strength to leave, and probably saved my life. Thank you