How can we support your police force to better recognise when stalking is taking place, to keep victims safe and ensure staff provide the right help and signpost victims?
You probably know that Suzy Lamplugh Trust has run the National Stalking Helpline since 2010, supporting over 75,000 victims of stalking. But did you also know that our team also provide advocacy to those who require additional support through the criminal justice process, as well as training and consultancy? 
Along with training, which is a necessity to ensure officers can identify stalking from the outset, recognise risk, and understand the impact stalking has on victims, a Victim Focused Review (VFR) will help you to understand how your force is working on behalf of stalking victims, what you are doing well and where improvements can be made.
We ask the question ‘Why would a victim of stalking have the confidence to call your police force?’. It’s not an inspection but looks at the current processes from the eyes of a victim, to ensure your officers are providing the necessary advice and support.
Within the VFR, we look at the culture and leadership within your force, the recognition of and response to stalking, how the investigations progress and the support available for victims. We will compare policy to practice using a range of techniques to check and verify what we find, all with the victim’s voice in mind.
Our pool of expert consultants brings together stalking advocates, police, probation and psychologists to inform the approach. At the end of the review, you will have a report that details what is going well, and what will require some improvements, and we will work with you to ensure there is ongoing support in place to implement recommended changes. It is a collaborative process that supports you and your staff, as well as ensuring the best response to victims. 
For more information on this, and other consultancy options we provide, contact us at [email protected]