Stalking in the workplace: What is the responsibility of an employer?

National Stalking Awareness Week 2018 took place last month, our focus was on encouraging victims of stalking to come forward and access support through statutory and voluntary services. Our message was clear, encouraging victims to report and agencies to make #ReportingStalking a strategic priority, looking at what barriers there are to victims disclosing and how this can be improved. Read more

GUEST BLOG: Katy Bourne on commissioning services

Police & Crime Commissioners have a statutory responsibility for commissioning services to support victims of crime. One aspect that I am particularly proud of in Sussex is our unique approach to commissioning specialist stalking services. Read more

GUEST BLOG: Kerry Daynes- My stalking experience

“Kerry Daynes is a liar" "Kerry Daynes is a criminal" "I have her isn’t a difficult thing to get hold of.." These are just some of the words written on which was registered, along with other websites in my name in 2011. The sites were set up by a man I had never met before and knew nothing of, wanted nothing to do with, but who would nevertheless impact hugely on my life for the next six years. Read more

A Call to Action

On the 5th anniversary of the introduction of the stalking legislation, we ask you to support our campaign for Stalking Protection Orders. Read more

GUEST BLOG: Safety is black and white - so why is lone working such a grey area?

All employers have a Duty of Care to keep their staff properly trained and comfortable at work. But when it comes to lone working there’s still many grey areas, says Mathew Colley from LoneALERT. Read more

GUEST BLOG: The Future of Lone Worker Solutions?

Craig Swallow, Managing Director of SoloProtect Limited, discusses lone worker safety and whether body worn video systems are the future of lone worker devices. Read more

Reflecting upon National Stalking Awareness Week 2017

A blog capturing different aspects of National Stalking Awareness Week 2017. Read more