The PLAN project is a project for young people aged between 14 and 22.



PLAN runs over 6 sessions, and, in essence, is a peer learning tool. There are 3 main learning areas of personal safety:


  • Safety on the streets;
  • Safety at school or college;
  • Safety online.


The attendees are taught over the first 4 sessions about personal safety, during the fifth are taught presentation and delivery skills and have the opportunity to relay the information back to one another in different ways. The sixth session gives the attendees the opportunity to plan a community event, with a provided budget of £100, to deliver a personal safety themed session to their peers, school or local community.



Young people who participate in this training will:

  • Feel safer;
  • Be more confident to manage their personal safety;
  • Change their behaviour to minimize risk (e.g. carrying a personal alarm, taking different routes, changing online activity);
  • Experience fewer violent/aggressive incidents;
  • Be more aware of personal safety risks they may face;
  • Feel confident to talk to their peers about personal safety;
  • Develop new skills in delivering and presenting information.


In addition, other young people in their school, college and/or community will benefit indirectly by receiving personal safety messages from the trained peer educators.



The PLAN training project run by Suzy Lamplugh Trust was a fantastic opportunity to engage young people with recognising risks in their areas. The day was a good mixture of interactive activities, games, quizzes and discussions all aimed at informing and helping to minimise risks. The young people had opportunities to not only voice their fears about risks in their areas, but to also gain tools to allow them think about how to manage those risks and feel safe. Each young person left with knowledge of how to keep themselves safe and confidence in using the PLAN strategy.” – Youth Leader