Try to find a well-lit plot near exit and entrance points.

Identify campsite managers and officials – do they have a contact number for emergencies?

Consider taking very few valuable possessions, and don’t leave them unattended in your tent.

Avoid putting a padlock on your tent as potential thieves may assume this means there are valuables inside.

If you return to your tent to discover a stranger in it, contact site management, security or the police.

If parked onsite, don’t leave anything valuable in your car. Leave your glove compartment empty and open.


Keep in contact.

Keep your mobile phone charged so that you can communicate at all times. Check out if there are onsite recharging facilities, or take a portable charger with you.

Consider agreeing where your group will meet at certain times of the day, in case someone loses their phone/has it stolen/their batteries die etc. and they cannot be contacted.

If possible, stay in groups.


What to carry.

Keep your phone on you at all times.

Keep some cash on you at all times.

Take note of your bank's emergency number so you can contact them if your cards are lost or stolen.

Carry a torch – a head torch will mean your path is lit, and your hands are free.


Stay alert and aware.

Try to stick to well-lit, busy areas when possible.

Be aware of aggressive behaviour from others, and remove yourself from aggressive situations.

Never leave your drink unattended. If you feel unwell, tell security or venue staff.

If you are a victim of crime, contact on site security or police immediately. Report any incident, even near misses, as soon as possible.

Consider carrying a personal safety alarm.