Plan ahead. 

Before you go out, consider how you are going to get home, e.g. Can you travel home with a friend?  What time does the last bus/train leave?

Prepare for your day before you leave – consider what you might need.

Update someone on your plans.

Consider carrying a personal alarm.

Plan your journey – google street view is particularly useful for identifying landmarks in an unknown area.


When travelling on foot.

Try to use well-lit, busy streets and use the route you know best.

Plan your route, and look confident as you travel.

If you do have to pass higher risk areas, consider what how you’d respond if you felt threatened.

Consider heading for a public place; somewhere you know there will be other people, for example a garage or shop.

Whenever possible, walk facing oncoming traffic to avoid curb crawlers.

If you think you are being followed, trust your instincts and take action. As confidently as you can, cross the road, turning to see who is behind you. If you are still being followed, keep moving. Head to a busy area and tell people what is happening. If necessary, call the police.


Remain aware.

Keep your mind on your surroundings – avoid distractions such as your mobile phone or headphones.

Be aware when using cash point machines. If there are signs of tampering or people acting suspiciously, do not use it.

Try not to keep all your valuables in one place. It’s a good idea to keep valuables such as wallets in an inside pocket.

Consider carrying a personal safety alarm, which can be used to shock and disorientate an attacker giving you vital seconds to get away.