We work in partnership with Trusts, Foundations, Statutory bodies and Corporate organisations to make a huge difference to the lives of people throughout the UK. We are grateful to all our partners for the support they offer.

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Corporate Partners



We have worked with SoloProtect since 2015 and the support they provide us with covers many aspects, from working with us at exhibitions and conferences to keeping our staff safe when out. SoloProtect also have the Suzy Lamplugh House in Sheffield, which is used for our Train-the-Trainer course promoting personal safety as a life skill.

Through our shared brand awareness we have been able to support, educate and campaign to a wider audience to create a safer UK.

SoloProtect UK


Knight Frank

We have been supported by Knight Frank for many years and we are delighted to have a five year partnership which began in 2018.

Knight Frank


Little Green Button

Little Green Button support the Trust through their employee engagement, supporting our campaigns and more. Thank you to all at Little Green Button for supporting us to make a positive impact to the lives of people across the UK

Little Green Button


Statutory Partners


The Home Office 

We are grateful for a longstanding partnership with The Home Office. They have part-funded the National Stalking Helpline to work with victims of stalking throughout the UK. Since 2017, through the Police Transformation Fund, they have also provided funding for the innovative Multi-Agency Stalking Intervention Programme (see more about MASIP here).

The Home Office



Trusts and Foundations


Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation have been instrumental to our campaigning work over the last few years. We are grateful to receive a further grant from them which will allow us to progress our work to better protect victims of stalking by supporting statutory bodies to be able to respond appropriately.


Esmee Fairbairn Foundation


The Leathersellers’ Company 

We have partnered with The Leathersellers’ Company to deliver a range of projects which have had lasting impact on our beneficiaries.

The Leathersellers' Company Charitable Fund

Garfield Weston Foundation

We are grateful to receive support from Garfield Weston Foundation for part-funding the National Stalking Helpline. This allows us to work with victims of stalking throughout the UK providing advice and support when needed.

Garfield Weston Foundation


Jack Petchey Foundation 

Thanks to the Jack Petchey Foundation we have been able to deliver personal safety workshops to young people across London to ensure they feel safer in their everyday lives.

Jack Petchey Foundation


Ernest Ingham Charitable Trust

Ernest Ingham have been instrumental in assisting our policy and campaigning work for many years.It has allowed us to challenge laws and close loopholes so that the victims of personal safety issues are better supported across the UK.


Persula Foundation

Persula Foundation kindly provide grants which contribute towards the National Stalking Helpline. Their support is invaluable in allowing us to continue supporting and advising victims of stalking throughout the UK.


Souter Charitable Trust

Souter Charitable Trust has kindly supported us for a number of years. Most recently this includes an unrestricted grant which contributes towards the overall running of the Trust.

Souter Charitable Trust


William Allen Young Charitable Trust

We are grateful to be in receipt of a grant which contributes to the overall running of the Trust. 



If you want to know more about working in partnership with us, please check out the page below:

Working in Partnership with Suzy Lamplugh Trust