I am so privileged to have worked for Suzy Lamplugh Trust since 2014.  I am responsible for generating the income along with my very capable team.  My background is over 20 years’ experience in business-to-business sales and marketing, over half of which has been spent most in the charity or not for profit sector.  Prior to Suzy Lamplugh Trust, I worked at The Refugee Council for 6 years where I was responsible for marketing, membership and events. 

I was thirteen when Suzy went missing and remember it being a huge news story.  I was given a personal alarm at school, one the old-fashioned ones where you pulled a pin out.  Hearing Suzy’s story then made us much more aware of our personal safety.  The story still resonates for people today, just the idea that someone could go to work and not come home.  It’s great to work for such an important cause.