Personal safety whilst running:

Let someone know where you're going and for how long.

Consider downloading a running tracker app on which a trusted family member or friend can trace your movements.

Plan your route before hand, taking into account whether it will be a busy or well lit area.

Consider running with others if possible, or joining a running group. 

Consider carrying a personal alarm, to enable you to get away from an attacker by distracting and disorientating them.

Consider just having one earphone in to ensure you can hear any changes in your surroundings. 

If running when it is dark, consider carrying a torch - a head torch is a hands free option.

If running when it is dark along the road, wear reflective clothing so that road users can see you.

Carry a small amount of cash, or your card, to enable you to get home should you need to.

If you feel uncomfortable, or at risk, seek a place of safety, such as a shop or anywhere where there are other people, and tell someone what is happening or has happened.