The KIT Device is perfect for lone workers who are at risk from their environment, their service users, the public, and their tasks. It’s discreet, lightweight, and simple to use.

The KIT Device has exclusively developed features, its IPX5 rated and BS8484:2016 complaint. The lone worker alarm features an easy to locate SOS button which makes it fast and easy for a lone worker to trigger a red alert. Amber alerts are just as easy to set – a simple button on the side of the device allows users to leave a message on their task and whereabouts. The other, smaller button lets lone workers send an instant update via GPS on their location. Each KIT Device is supplied with an accessory pack featuring a belt clip, keychain and an exclusively designed ID badge. The device has two-way audio capabilities allowing our operators to talk to and reassure the user when the alert has been activated (if safe to do so). The KIT Device uses the very latest Ublox 7 chipset, which provides a high degree of location accuracy of up to 10 meters in optimum conditions. The Man Down feature automatically sends an alert to our operators if a sudden movement, followed by a period of inactivity is detected.