The First2HelpYou Lone Worker App can be installed on Android and IOS (apple) smart phones and has Red Alert, Amber Alert and Man Down functionality (Android only).

The lone worker App features Red Alert Functionality which can easily activated through a button press. This triggers a call to our fully compliant, Alarm Receiving Centre, where an operator will be listening in to the situation to determine the best course of action. An Amber Alert can be activated via the application, the user can let us know if they are beginning a high-risk task or entering a location where they are likely to be more vulnerable. This feature allows the user to start a timer to countdown until they expect their task will be complete. A red alert will be activated if the user fails the confirm they are safe and well within the allotted time frame. The man down function on the android lone worker app can be lifesaving. The man down function will trigger a red alert if the phone detects a sudden impact, such as a fall. The lone worker app uses the latest technology to provide an accurate GPS location of the user. Both applications can be paired with our Bluetooth Button, allowing you to discreetly activate an alert without having to pull the phone out and use it.