Tell us your story

We are aware that sometimes victims of harassment and stalking want to be able to read about other people’s experiences as this can make them feel less isolated. The National Stalking Helpline never publicises individual cases that we hear over the phone or via e-mail, even anonymously, as this would be a violation of the confidence put in us by callers.  

Because of this we ask that if you feel able to share your story, whether positive or negative, and are happy for it to be potentially quoted or uploaded onto our website or used in media campaigns, then please e-mail manager[@] (The [ ] brackets around the @ are to prevent spam. Please remove them when you send us your email).


You do not have to have used the helpline to send us your experiences.


Feedback about the Helpline

You can provide feedback about the Helpline by email, through our survey or using our contact form.

If you would like to provide any feedback about your experiences with the National Stalking Helpline, please e-mail manager[@] Again, please remove the [ ] brackets when you send the email. When you e-mail please indicate if you are happy for your comments to be potentially posted on the website. If consent is not expressly stipulated we will always assume that feedback is for the information purposes of National Stalking Helpline staff only.


You can let us know what you think by filling out the user surveys for our website and our helpline service.

We welcome all constructive feedback from service users.

If you wish to make an official complaint, please refer to our Complaints Policy by clicking here