Stalking is an insidious crime. It has a devastating effect on victims’ lives, causing them fear, alarm and distress. Stalking behaviours range widely, from unwanted texts and phone calls, to physical following and criminal damage. 

Stalking can affect anyone. At the National Stalking Helpline, we hear from people of all ages, genders, sexualities, races and professions. One in five women and one in ten men will become victims of stalking during their lifetime.  

Stalking is motivated by obsession and fixation. Regardless of the bewildering ways that stalking is presented, or who the victim is, obsessive behaviours indicate the victim is at risk. Any suspicious pattern of behaviours and every allegation of stalking should be taken seriously. 

There are currently no stalking specific police Orders to protect victims of stalking. Research has shown that early identification and responses to stalking can save lives. However, all too often, we see victims safety has been compromised because patterns of behaviour have been overlooked. 

It is time for stalking victims to be protected. Join our campaign and ask your MP to support the Stalking Protection Bill so that police are given specific and immediately effective legislation to protect victims from their stalker. 

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