Lone Worker Manager is completely device agnostic; this means that it will work with any handset. Windows, iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones are all fully supported, as are standard mobile phones — they can all be seamlessly connected to the LoneWorker Manager platform.


Lone Worker Manager provides State-of-the-art protection for people who work by themselves occasionally or all of the time. The platform supports Windows, iOS, and Android smartphones, Blackberry and standard mobile phones, dedicated devices, satellite phones and also works on desktops and laptops.


At Lone Worker Solutions we work tirelessly to ensure our proprietary platform LoneWorker Manager, is the best-in-class option for anyone working alone.

LoneWorker Manager is a multi-functional, secure web-based management system that communicates with a suite of integrated safety applications, offering complete protection for lone workers. This proprietary platform provides an in-depth BS8484 certified and resilient global safety system that protects and monitors lone workers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The portal gives employers an accurate cross-device snapshot of system activity. Finally, it offers precise and prompt reporting that ensures compliance with health and safety legislation and facilitates auditing and corporate governance.


Proactive Support: Heartbeat


Heartbeat sends a voice, text or email message at pre-set intervals according to the user’s personal risk assessment. The message requests an identity code to confirm that the individual is ‘OK’. If all is well, LoneWorker Manager simply resets until the next message response is due.


If no response is received within the time frame, the system goes into alert mode and connects to MiTec, a CAT II ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). MiTec staff then manage the alert through agreed escalation procedures. If required, directly contacting the emergency services via Unique Reference Number (by-passing ‘999’ call centres). This allows you to get the required support or emergency help to your lone worker quickly and effectively.

Reactive Support: Push4Help



Push4Help is a fast and simple feature that works with any device with a speed dial facility.


RED ALERT. In a crisis situation, your lone worker simply pushes the pre-set button or icon to raise the alarm. This connects them instantly to the LoneWorker Manager platform, which will identify the person, their location and what support is required for that individual.


AMBER ALERT. Amber lets your lone worker leave a voice message to tell you exactly where they are, in case an emergency situation arises. This can give particular peace of mind to lone workers in the field or people working alone in large office buildings or outside of normal working hours.


Lone Worker Down


Lone Worker Down adds built-in motion sensors to mobile handsets. LoneWorker Manager then monitors the movement of the handset and its orientation. If for example, the handset hasn’t moved for a length of time this could indicate that a lone worker requires emergency help, perhaps after a fall or incident. LoneWorker Manager then automatically raises an alert with MiTec, a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre and the lone worker’s location will be identified using GPS. If the person cannot be contacted via his or her handset emergency services can be quickly dispatched to the worker’s location.


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