Safe Hub is an award-winning system of lone worker protection across the widest range of BS8484:2016 Gold Certified devices. Safe Hub offers Emergency, Virtual Buddy, Reactive, Proactive, Broadcast and Virtual Barrier functions.

Safe Hub gives lone workers, and those who work remotely, unparalleled emergency support. It connects employees to a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). There, highly trained officers can direct emergency services to the worker’s exact GPS location in the fastest possible time. High-quality, two-way audio means lone workers can talk directly to the ARC. And, it allows officers to actively listen as events unfold. The platform provides the most comprehensive safety modules:

  • Red Alert – emergency response, two-way audio call to ARC and GPS location.
  • Yellow Alert – virtual buddy, telephone support with ARC.
  • Safe Check – proactive periodic welfare check.
  • Worker Down – reactive impact and non-movement detection.
  • Group Alert – broadcast alert messages to groups or geo-locations.
  • Safe Beacon – virtual barrier.

Safe Hub supports the widest range of lone working devices

Safe Hub works on all smartphones and mobiles, and from the widest range of personal alarms and specialist lone worker devices. We have an array of discreet, wearable, satellite, intrinsically safe and ruggedized devices for every scenario. On top of that, we’ve developed an innovative app that works on Windows, Android and iOS smartphones, BlackBerrys and standard mobile phones; there’s even an app for desktop users. So you can be sure there is a perfect fit for each and every one of your lone workers.

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