LONEALERT’s wide range of devices means we have a lone working solution to suit you and the varied requirements of your organisation.

LONEALERT, developed by Advance IT, is a comprehensive, cost-efficient BS8484 lone working solution.


LONEALERT offers a wide range of devices, each with different mechanics which suit different working environments. Our Man Down device in the Instant Range has a dedicated Man Down feature to raise the alarm when you can’t. In our Plus range we have IP67 rated devices and intrinsically safe, also with Man Down features and much more. Struggle for signal? Our Anywhere device works off satellite to ensure you have the best connection possible when outdoors. *All devices have the access to also use our smartphone app, text in and check call service.


  • Dedicated panic buttons
  • Create and cancel timers
  • GPS Locations
  • Man Down feature
  • 2 way audio call
  • Discreet panic button
  • Geo-fencing
  • BS8484 accredited


Visit our website below to view our range of devices, responses and The O.W.L Portal that allows you to oversee working alone.



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