Lookout Call is an affordable safety solution [from £1.00+vat per user/per month] which is used by over 18,000 lone workers.

Lookout Call is a fully automated ‘buddy’ which ensures that no user can be overlooked. The system raises an alarm whenever a lone worker is running late or if they request urgent assistance.

Lookout Call was developed with the NHS in 2003 and is ideal for any organisation requiring a reliable and simple-to-use system which does not involve the purchase of devices.

All your lone workers need to use the system is a phone (mobile or landline) so there are no hardware costs.

Lookout Call is available in 3 versions, using Voice Recognition, Speed dials, or via an iPhone app.


  • Timed Countdown Alarm
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Check in/out Alarm
  • Live monitoring

Why not call 01223 427717 to arrange a no-obligation free trial?