Manager briefings cover the fundamentals of good personal safety and lone working practices. These briefings are for managers of lone workers who need an overview of the legal aspects of lone working and the potential risks involved.


By attending a briefing, managers can ensure that they are aware of the risks that their lone workers face; that they can help staff manage and mitigate risk; and they demonstrate to staff that they are taking their safety seriously. This often contributes to greater feelings of wellbeing amongst staff.

Manager briefing sessions are be tailored around your organisation, looking at the risks faced by the lone and frontline workers as well as your policies and procedures.


Topics this course covers includes

- The legal side of lone working - the law and the responsibility of employer and employees 

- Lone working and the importance of a robust policy

- Risk assessment and mitigating risks 

- Tracing systems - how to implement these procedures

-  Home visits - best practice for staying safe while conducting a home visit

-  Conflict management 

- Reporting incidents and near misses - what is expected of the employee and the employer


Manager briefings can range from 1-2hours and are ideally delivered in conjunction with training for frontline staff. To find out more contact the training team at [email protected] or call the office on 020 7091 0014