According to the English Housing Survey 2014-15, there are 22.5million households in the UK. Almost everyone will visit a prospective property at some point in their life-time. Whether this is to rent or buy, we want to give you some top tips for staying safe whilst visiting properties.

Estate, lettings and housing agents – we haven’t forgotten you! We want you to be safe also when showing clients round prospective properties, and visiting empty properties!


Research – we have conducted research of those working in the housing sector, to understand better the risks, and hear about the types of incidents those workers come across.  Safe As Houses Report

Resources – we have an A4 poster and an A5 flyer available to download for both workers in the housing and letting industry, and those looking around hoping to buy! 

Suzy's Code for Personal Safety - On the 30th anniversary of Suzy's disappearance we are launching Suzy's Code for Personal Safety. This highlights steps that can be taken to increase personal safety for employees in the housing sector.  Sign up to the Code and show your support.  


National Personal Safety Day, which is organised by Suzy Lamplugh Trust, is an annual event aimed at highlighting some of the simple, practical solutions that everyone can use to help avoid violence and aggression in today’s society. It’s about helping people live safer, more confident lives.