National Stalking Awareness Week- Monday 16th April – Friday 20th April 2018

What is National Stalking Awareness Week about?

National Stalking Awareness week is about raising awareness of stalking and the stories behind the statistics. This year Suzy Lamplugh Trust are focusing on increasing reporting levels, encouraging victims to talk about their experiences and access support from police and other statutory and voluntary organisations. We are also calling on support services to make #ReportingStalking a priority in their local area. We know that 73% of stalking victims experience 100 incidents before reporting.

Case study: Stalking Victim we supported on the National Stalking Helpline 

*Rachel is one of the many cases we have dealt with on the National Stalking Helpline this year.

Rachel was in a relationship with her stalker for seven months before they separated. Following this, her stalker began constantly sending emails to third parties claiming that she had cheated on him and given him an sexually transmitted disease. This caused Rachel a lot of stress and humiliation and she decided to report this to the police; her stalker was arrested. The police questioned him and warned him to stop his behaviour, before releasing him without charge.

Her stalker’s behaviour escalated to making constant threats to kill himself if Rachel did not resume a relationship with him. Rachel believes he did this to emotionally manipulate her to going back to him. Rachel feels that once the stalker realised that his manipulative behaviour was not working he then escalated this to keeping ‘surveillance on her and tracking her whereabouts like a predator’. Her stalker had keys to her house and car which he refused to give back unless she agreed to meet him. She noticed that there were devices being placed in her car and in her house.

Rachel was concerned that her stalker had bugged her phone. She would return home to find items on her front door associated with conversations Rachel had on the phone to friends and family. This behaviour was breaching a non-molestation order that Rachel had taken out against her stalker. He was also seen entering her house by her neighbours who had also witnessed him driving down her road multiple times a day.

Rachel reported her concerns to the police and she felt that they did not believe her account and specifically the concerns she had around listening devices being placed in her car and house. Rachel was referred to the National Stalking Helpline by the police, the Helpline provided advocacy support; helping her to create a diary that detailed all the incidents that had happened to date and the effect it was having on her daily life. The Helpline then liaised with the police, highlighting the motivation behind perpetrators behaviours and the pattern of behaviour so that police could see that these were not isolated, coincidental events and that Rachel’s fear and distress was due to the actions of the perpetrator.

As a result of the advocacy provided by the National Stalking Helpline the police investigated the case and managed to trace the listening devices back to the perpetrator providing them with sufficient evidence to formally charge him with the crime of stalking. The case is now in court and Rachel is being support from the police.

*Clients name has been altered

What will be taking place during National Stalking Awareness Week 2018?


Reporting Stalking: Best Practice in Stalking Cases Conference

Date:    Monday 16th April 2018

Time:   12:00pm - 5:00pm (including lunch)

Place:   Human Rights Action Centre, 25 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA

Suzy Lamplugh Trust are hosting a half day conference on Monday 16th April 2018, the conference will look at how voluntary and statutory organisations can improve their response to stalking as an individual organisation and through a multi- agency approach.The conference is crucial for professionals who work in support services. For full details of the conference and to book your place, click here.

Free 'Obsessed' Movie screening

Date: Monday April 16th 2018

Time: 6.30pm for 7pm start

Place: Lecture Theatre G.03 4-12, Little Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7BY 

Psychology at the Movies presents ‘Obsessed’, a free movie screening in aid of Suzy Lamplugh Trust.  This thriller stars Idris Elba and Beyoncé, followed by a conversation with the audience, led by psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud, on the issues of stalking, fixation and obsession. This free event has been organised in association with Bryon Bonaparte of University of Westminster. Donations are gratefully accepted, and will all go towards Suzy Lamplugh Trust Book now 

Launching our report: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind- Two Years On

On Monday 16th April 2018 Suzy Lamplugh Trust will be launching, at the conference, our report Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Two Years On. In 2016, Suzy Lamplugh Trust and the National Stalking Consortium released the precursor to this report, Out of Sight, Out of Mind, raising concerns including: 

- The ability of front line professionals to recognise stalking when reported

- The lack of specialist services available for victims of stalking

- The lack of appreciation of the seriousness of stalking and its link to homicide

Out of Sight, Out of Mind- Two Years On looks at what has changed for victims of stalking and whether the recommendations we made in our 2016 report have been acted upon.

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How can individuals get involved?


Suzy Lamplugh Trust is a charity that runs the National Stalking Helpline, consisting of a small team of highly trained staff who provide support to victims of stalking. Your donations can help us to continue our work to protect victims of stalking. You can donate online

Social media

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How can support services get involved?


Attend our Reporting Stalking: Best Practice in Stalking Cases Conference

Promoting National Stalking Awareness Week

Add our Reporting Stalking logo to your website and as well as the link to the Suzy Lamplugh Trust website.

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