Suzy Lamplugh Trust believes that everyone has the right to live life free from the harassment of stalkers. 

Working as part of the National Stalking Consortium, We are pulling together the work of a raft of partners hosting a programme of events aimed at exposing the misery that victims experience and raising awareness of stalking. 

During National Stalking Awareness Week, which this year runs from Monday 16th April until Friday 20th April, different partners across the UK will be holding events to raise awareness of stalking and the effect it can have on people. 

We want to make sure everyone knows about#ReportingStalking and that no one should live in fear of another person. 

Our focus this year is showcasing work in the criminal justice system to support victims of stalking and highlight best practice.  

Join us for our conference to share and showcase best practice in supporting victims and managing perpetrators of stalking.

The dates for forthcoming National Stalking Awareness Weeks are as follows:

  • 2019 – week commencing the 8th of April
  • 2020 – week commencing the 20th of April
  • 2021 – week commencing the 19th of April
  • 2022 – week commencing the 25th of April 

See here for previous National Stalking Awareness Week campaigns.