Do you want affordable safety monitoring, from only £4/person? With no upfront fees or hardware to buy? And 24/7 live support? If that’s a yes, Ok Alone is for you.

Are you affected by work alone regulations and have to know your people are safe, but you need to do it in an already tight budget?  If that sound familiar, Ok Alone is designed for you.  Professional quality at an affordable price, as little as £4/person/month. 

You can use the Ok Alone apps with your Android, Blackberry and iPhones, but a landline or sms work equally well too.  Want to stop those false alarms? Ok Alone provides numerous ways to remind people to check-in, automating much of the process and saving your supervisor’s time.

Most people are up and running in about 10 minutes and they have the assurance their written safety procedures are being followed every time.  Need 24/7 live monitoring, Ok Alone has that too. Simply pick a plan that suits your budget. 

Why not try it yourself?  You can start your 7-day free trial now by visiting us at

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