Quicksafe Security have supplied lone worker alarms and man down devices since 2003. Our lone worker device clients include government organisations such as the MOD & NHS plus companies large and small. 


For over 15 year Quicksafe Security has supplied a wide range of featured packed lone worker alarms and man down alarms systems.  Our devices have proven to be reliable, easy of use & cost effective. Our customers range from the UK MOD & BAE Systems to local shop owners. We cover locations throughout the UK and Europe to remote areas of the Antarctic & Afghanistan.  


Our range of devices include neck worn panic pendants, fixed panic buttons for office use, reception alarms, man down / fall alarms and complete wireless systems for lone working staff.


TrackerGuard Total Protect. Our best selling lone worker alarm .

  • Easy to use.
  • Man Down Alarm
  • Panic Button
  • GPS Location
  • Text and Phone Call Alerts
  • Long 5 Day Battery LIfe.




Dedicated Lone Worker Alarm SIM Card:


Unique to Quicksafe Security is our dedicated lone worker alarm SIM card that allows us to offer and un-matched level of service and help if things go wrong.



Why Choose us as your Lone Worker Alarm Provider?

  • We have developed and supplied lone worker alarms since 2003. 
  • We provide dedicated devices designed for lone workers. Not mobile phone APPs.
  • Buy outright and own the Lone worker alarm forever.
  • No tie in contract that renders the device useless at the end of contract term.
  • We are also a SIM network provider. If something goes wrong we can investigate for you.
  • Cost effective solution. Low cost SIM card running costs. 
  • As chosen by UK MOD, NHS, Network Rail, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce Engines, Asda Distribution and many more as below.



For more information on our lone worker alarms please visit www.quicksafe.co.uk .


Telephone: 0845 313 4747


Email: [email protected]