The Stalking in the Workplace course is relevant to all professionals working in HR and Health & Safety functions, as well as members of senior operations or management teams, who may need to assess and assist cases in which colleagues are experiencing stalking or harassment within the work environment. The course upskills delegates to better understand stalking as a crime, learn effective methods in how to best support victims, and feel confident and empowered to do so. 

Research has found that 50% of stalking victims have “curtailed or ceased work as a consequence of being stalked” (Mullen et al 2006: 177). Victims who contact the National Stalking Helpline report being stalked by individuals from a range of difference potential sources, including ex-partners, acquaintances and work colleagues. 

Moreover, stalking perpetrators also pose risk to fellow employees of the victim, who are often unaware of what is going on. This course will inspire HR and H&S decision makers to implement adequate and robust policies and protocols on how to support employees experiencing stalking, reducing risk and cost to the wider organisation. 


Learning Outcomes – attendees will: 

  • Be introduced to the variety of stalking behaviours and difference between stalking and harassment. 
  • Examinthe impact of stalking on victims and begin to consider the support they may require, specifically in the work environment. 
  • Understand the legal requirements for organisations. 
  • Explore the interplay of individual privacy and safeguarding.

This is a half day course, and our open access courses are designed to train delegates from a mixture of organisations, set at a maximum of 16 spaces per course.


Upcoming Dates:

Virtual course - Tuesday 6th October 2020



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