People are far better informed than ever of the importance of only taking taxis or pre-booked, licencsed minicabs. But cheap, unlicensed cabs remain a serious risk and can be a tempting option after a night out for passengers eager to get home who may have forgotten to book a cab in advance.

What exacerbates the problem is the fact that many people still don’t know how to tell a licensed cab from an unlicensed one. We believe it should be made more obvious to everyone – including the uninformed tourist – which are the legitimate, licensed cabs and that this should be made uniform across the UK.


We feel that while mini-cab licensing goes a long way towards improving the safety of passengers, there are two issues which concern us. The first is the problem with identification.  We  think  it should be made more obvious to potential passengers if a cab is licensed or not and that any form of identification should be made uniform across the UK.

The second is the issue of how it is decided who should or should not be given a license due to a criminal record.  Currently the decision as to who might be a danger to the public is left up to individuals within the relevant local authority. We commend Transport for London’s approach in having an external referral panel which considers borderline cases and believes this model could be helpfully applied elsewhere.