The Achievements of Suzy Lamplugh Trust


Suzy Lamplugh Trust has been instrumental in achieving significant changes in legislation, prioritisation of victims and campaigning for better treatment, in both personal safety and stalking.


Below are some of the achievements that we are most proud of:


  • Successful campaigning for the introduction of minicab licensing in London in 1998 and, more recently, successfully campaigning against proposals to deregulate minicabs in the Government’s 2014 Deregulation Bill.


  • Successful campaigning for the introduction of the Protection Against Harassment Act 1997 and being a key partner in the successful campaign to bring about a change in the law in England and Wales in 2012. This meant that, for the first time, stalking became a specific offence (as it had been in Scotland since 2010). 


  • Establishing the National Stalking Helpline in 2010 and responding to more than 13,000 requests for help since then. 


  • 94% of service users say they feel better about their situation immediately after contacting the Helpline; over a quarter (28%) measure this as a fivefold improvement or above.
  • Before a call, 43% of callers describe their feelings about their situation as ‘despairing’. After speaking to a Helpline advisor, over 60% rate their feelings of hopefulness at 6/10 or above, and indeed 15% rate this as 10/10.
  • In the longer-term (a minimum of 4 weeks after contacting the Helpline), 83% of service users feel more positively about their situation.
  • 94% of service users are more confident about taking the next steps needed to manage their situation as a result of contacting the Helpline (and, on average, self-reported levels of service user confidence in managing their situation increase by over 40%)


  • Being instrumental in ensuring that the needs of victims of stalking are specifically addressed in the new Victims' Code in 2013. The revised code now states explicitly that stalking victims will now receive an enhanced service when going through the criminal justice system.