Set a Tokn, and go and do whatever it is you’re doing. If you don’t get back to us when you said you would, we’ll send a text message to your buddy that you might need assistance. We’ll pass on your note, and show them your location when you set it.


They say always leave a note for someone, but leaving a note isn’t always convenient, it may get missed, or they may forget when you were supposed to return. And annoyingly for some it isn’t private – to stay safe you have to tell them where you’re going or who you’re seeing. Tokn solves these problems, by these features:

  • Private – Using Tokn, nobody knows what you’re doing until they need to know.
  • It doesn’t forget – Ever promised to text someone when you get there safely? Do you always remember? Do they remember? With Tokn, you won’t be forgotten.
  • Free continues use – No subscription fees, no ongoing costs.
  • Only 2 clicks – We’ve got you covered in 2 clicks.
  • Dead Phone – No problem – Dead battery? No network? No problem. Once you’ve set your Tokn, our servers do all the hard work. If you don’t check in again, we send a text message to your buddy, wherever they are, from our messaging service in the U.S.


Who is it for?

Anyone who is going somewhere or doing something alone can make use of Tokn. Tokn is used by online daters, anyone walking home alone late at night, Uber and taxi users, backpackers, nurses, health visitors, social workers, real estate agents, teachers, mental health workers, lone workers, teenagers, hikers, skiers, mountain bikers, surfers, snow-boarders, horse riders, cyclists and many other people.



One off App Store/Google Play cost: £2.99

No subscription fees, no ongoing costs other than text top ups at 79p per 4 SMS, most users rarely need more than the 3 free SMS.


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