Verisafe is a proactive web & smartphone based personal safety system.

Features include; “At Risk” tracking, duress alarm, automated safety checks and monitoring options.

Alert’s are deployed via phone call, text message and email through our secure server.

At Risk

Users press if they think they could be at risk, setting themselves up to 'check in' at intervals. If they do not
check in or cancel their At Risk status - emergency contacts are alerted via phone call, text and email with
their details and latest GPS data. (GPS data is captured automatically while At Risk is active). Click here to view the video clip


Users press if they are in trouble, instantly emailing, texting and calling their designated emergency
contact/s, (and/or our local security partner) sending their details and GPS data. Click here to view the video clip.

Safety Checks

Any user can choose to set up their contacts with a daily (or as many times per day as appropriate) safety
check up message/s. Once they are set up, it runs with no daily or weekly maintenance. Simply set and
forget. Click here to view the video clip.

We manage staff lists and input data on your behalf, provide support documents for staff and

Video conference and phone training available for all.

£7-£10 (per employee per month) special rates for not for profit groups - please contact us.