Unmasking Stalking: A Changing Landscape

National Stalking Awareness Week 2021 will focus on changes in perpetrator behaviour since the outbreak of Covid-19, notably a rise in cyber elements. We will be voicing the experience of the victim during the pandemic and the impact that these changes have had. Entitled 'Unmasking Stalking: A Changing Landscape' the week will take place from 19th to 23rd April.

The aim of National Stalking Awareness Week is to share these changes in behaviour with statutory and frontline services, and discuss the response of the criminal justice system as well as the impact on the victim. Futhermore, as lockdown restrictions are lifted, we are aware that the changes in stalking behaviours as a result of the pandemic are likely to be long term, and so we will be sharing best practice to prepare ourselves to better support victims.


Report on the impact of stalking during the pandemic

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust has gathered data via an online survey on the changes in perpetrator behaviour since the pandemic, the impact on the victim, and their experience with the criminal justice system. This was open to anyone who had previously, or is currently experiencing stalking in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

The report, titled 'Unmasking Stalking: A Changing Landscape', is available now and has highlighted some very concerning trends, along with online safety recommendations for victims of stalking co-authored by The Cyber Helpline.


Online Conference

Suzy Lamplugh Trust will be holding an online mini conference as part of National Stalking Awareness Week 2021 on Wednesday 21st April from 9am until 12pm. We have a number of very special speakers, including Nicole Jacobs, Domestic Abuse Commissioner, amongst others.

The conference is now fully booked.


Social Media

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust Comms pack can be downloaded here. This includes tweets, a schedule for the week, instructions for submitting videos, hashtags and more. You can also download the logo here:

Logo for National Stalking Awareness Week 2021

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This year, Suzy Lamplugh Trust has published two podcasts for National Stalking Awareness Week.

The first podcast is entitled 'Helplines: Adapting to Covid-19', and speakers include Sophie Mortimer, Manager of the Revenge Porn Helpline and Samantha, Manager of the London Stalking Support Service. They will discuss the changes that frontline services have had to make due to changes in perpetrator behaviour since the pandemic, including the rise in the sharing of intimate images without consent. Unmasking Stalking: Helplines: Adapting to Covid-19

The second is entitled 'Stalking Victims Navigating the Criminal Justice System', speakers include Dame Vera Baird, Victim's Commissioner for England and Wales with Tracey Morgan, Stalking Survivor Pioneer and Campaigner. They will discuss how victim's experiences of the criminal justice system have changed since the pandemic, from reporting to trial, and what impact this has had on victims of stalking. Unmasking Stalking: Stalking Victims Navigating the Criminal Justice System


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