Our London Stalking Support Service has been supporting victims of stalking in London since January 2020. In the first six months, over 1,200 Londoners have contacted us and been given advice and support. This is a vital service that runs alongside the National Stalking Helpline and has given so many victims of stalking the assistance they need to understand what they are experiencing as well as how they can move forwards.

With an average of 200,000 Londoners being stalked annually, it is essential to have services such as this to support those who need it so desperately. Victims of stalking are often ignored and misunderstood, as people do not always recognise this devastating crime and the impact it has on all aspects of an individual's life. Without the London Stalking Support Service and the National Stalking Helpline, many stalking victims would be left without support and their perpetrators left to continue their abuse.


Michelle* was referred to the London Stalking Support Service as she was being stalked by her ex-partner. During the relationship she suffered varying levels of abuse and coercive control. The relationship ended a few years prior to the referral but his abusive behaviour had continued.

Following their separation, the perpetrator continued to contact Michelle, persisting even after she told him to stop. He continually called her, sent multiple emails, and sent threatening messages, including threatening to contact her work.

The London Stalking Support Service advocate carried out a specialist stalking risk assessment and safeguarding with Michelle. She was able to provide a letter of support to Michelle's place of work, so her manager was aware of the situation and able to put appropriate safeguards in place. Our advocate continues to provide safety advice to the victim, on-going emotional support and has referred Michelle to a counselling service to help alleviate her feelings of guilt and low self-esteem which has stemmed from the perpetrator's behaviours.

Our advocate continues to support Michelle through the criminal justice process and advocates on her behalf to ensure the police recognise that her case is a stalking case and investigate it as such.

*Names have been changed to protect the victim's identity.


The London Stalking Support Service, funded by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, has shown to be a vital service for victims of stalking and is relied upon by so many across London. We are here to help and support individuals, to ensure they are safer, and feel safer, from violence and aggression.


Suky Bhaker, CEO