Callmy Alert provides a cost effective, secure, and easy to use Lone Working app and device for both personal safety and lone working requirements.

Suitable for any size of organisation, the services will demonstrate your duty of care to staff and being BS8484:2016 certified, will also enable compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

For added value and security, Callmy Alert also includes a mass notification service that enables urgent messages to be delivered directly to user’s app - to warn them of situations that may affect their safety and wellbeing. This feature can also send message notifications that override the end user’s devices being set to silent and will continue to alert them until they have responded.

Management of the service and audit reports are available by a secure web-based portal.
With the flexibility to be managed within your own organisation or delivered with access to an Alarm Receiving Centre, who triage the response to emergency notifications on a 24x7 basis. The ARC is NSI Gold accredited, BS8484:2016 certified and meets the ISO27001, BS5979 and ISO9001 standards.