My name is Victoria and I’m a qualified social worker. Approximately ten years ago I was subjected to long-standing stalking and harassment. It had a devastating impact on me, my family and my job and changed my life.
Following the recent death of Sarah Everard that I thought of a positive way that I could help raise awareness of the impact of stalking and harassment of women in society.
Currently at least two women a week are murdered in this country as a result of domestic abuse. Statistics of stranger sexual attacks in the uk taken 2017 showed at least 20% of women and 4% of men have experienced some type of sexual assault since the age of 16, equivalent to an estimated 3.4 million female victims and 631,000 male victims. That’s without considering the disproportionately high number of sexual attacks that aren’t reported.
Over the month of April I aim to cover 500k with a mixture of cycling, walking and riding as a way of helping to raise funds for Suzy Lamplugh trust who have been trying to raise awareness of the impact of of stalking, harassment and risk to women in society. victoria Chinchen