Although the nights are about to get longer and lighter, getting public transport, walking too and from work, school and university - or even walking the dog - can sometimes feel a little daunting on your own, no matter who you are, how far you have to go, or what time of year it is.

And although rare, incidents can happen, as colleagues at Ashgate Manor in Chesterfield have recently experienced. Derbyshire Police are investigating a handful of reports where people leaving DHU and Royal Primary Care were approached by a man who tried to get into their cars. Extremely frightening for those affected.

Health and wellbeing is more than being physically well - it's about feeling secure as well. That contributes to positive mental health. And so when you shared your stories about how it sometimes feels walking into work we wondered how we could help as well. So we spoke to Derbyshire Constabulary for some extra tips and hints. And one of the ideas they gave us was to carry a mini alarm - omitting a piercing sound when activated that's proven to act as a deterrent against an attack.

Through our Health and Wellbeing initiative, we've purchased some Walk Easy (WE) Alarms that our people can request for themselves and their family members to give extra peace of mind and protection. Sarah Turner-Saint