This course is ideal for staff who need a basic understanding of personal safety at work but are less likely to find themselves in conflict situations. All of our personal safety and lone working courses are tailored to your organisation.

Our trainers use their wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that the content is fully relevant and relatable to your work.


Topics we can cover for the half day course include:

  • Lone working - what is it and what is the law relating to lone working
  • Risk assessment - including identifying risks related to all aspects of work
  • Tracing systems - ensuring staff are traceable in case of an emergency
  • Home visits - best practice for staying safe while conducting a home visit
  • Travelling safely - tips for safety on various methods of transport


We can deliver these courses virtually on Zoom or Teams, or in house across the UK and Ireland to a maximum of 20 delegates.

If you would like to know more or would like to book this training, fill in our training enquiry form or contact the training team at [email protected] or call the office on 020 7091 0014.