National Personal Safety Day is an annual event aimed at raising awareness of everyday harassment and recommending solutions to help reduce violence, aggression and abuse in our society. It’s about helping people live safer, more confident lives.  

For National Personal Safety Day 2023 we’re calling on the public to become #GameChangers and help tackle harassment in sport and exercise once and for all.  

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust has launched research looking at the prevalence of harassment in sport and exercise in collaboration with YouGov and supported by Peoplesafe. The Trust wants to better understand how people’s access to exercise, whether that be in a public space such as a park or a designated exercise area such as a gym, is hindered by harassment and abuse.

You can download the report here:

GameChanger: Tackling Harassment in Exercise and Sports


This National Personal Safety Day we will be making recommendations for employers and wider society to enable them to work together to tackle harassment in sport and exercise. We will be raising awareness about harassment and abuse faced by individuals while exercising and promote a safe and inclusive environment for all. Through education, bystander intervention and advocacy, this National Personal Safety Day we’re seeking to reduce violence, aggression and abuse, and empower everyone to enjoy their exercise routines free from harassment and abuse.


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