Together with Deputy Chief Constable Paul Mills (NPCC Lead for Stalking and Harassment Offences) and academics Dr Emma Short and Dr Rachael Wheatley, Suzy Lamplugh Trust on behalf of the National Stalking Consortium are looking to understand the scope and activity of academic research in the field of Stalking and Harassment offences, perpetration, victimisation and the UK national response.

If you are engaged in, have completed, and/or are committed to undertaking related studies at post graduate or post-doctoral level, you are invited to complete this short survey as phase one of this exciting information gathering exercise. 

Academic Network Survey 


Please see the letter from Paul Mills, Dr Emma Short, Dr Rachael Wheatley and Suky Bhaker, CEO of Suzy Lamplugh Trust, for more information and details on subsequent phases of the project.

National Stalking and Harassment Offences Working Group Letter