Tuesday 8th November 2022

On this year's National Personal Safety Day, Tuesday 8th November, our focus is on harassment within the night-time economy. We are hoping that this campaign will support our calls for sexual harassment to be a standalone offence and our recent priorities that we set out in our consultant response for the public sexual harassment legislation. We are also supporting the Private Members Bill put forward by MP Wera Hobhouse (Worker Protection Bill) that would implement a preventative duty and require employers to take all reasonable steps to stop workplace sexual harassment while also protecting women from sexual harassment from third parties, including clients, customers and patients. 



We recently undertook research in collaboration with YouGov which contributed to the report released on 8th November. The report is available to access here: Stamp Out Harassment: Ending Harassment of Night-Time Economy Workers


We hosted a one-hour free webinar taking place on National Personal Safety Day from 10:00am-11:00am. This had a variety of speakers discuss harassment in the night-time economy. 


Social Media

We are leading a national campaign across all of our social media platforms on the day and welcome your support and engagement. Below is the logo for the day, we will be releasing infographics for use soon.

Logo for National Personal Safety Day 2022