25th - 29th April 2022

Every year, we celebrate National Stalking Awareness Week by campaigning to raise awareness around a different issue related to stalking.

This year, our campaign is called Bridging The Gap, highlighting the vital role that stalking advocates play in bridging the gap between the victim and the criminal justice system. We know that sometimes it can be hard to navigate police investigations and court hearings on your own as a victim, hence why the role of advocates is so integral in ensuring the victims remain empowered by keeping their voice at the forefront of the case. 



Thank you to all that took part in our survey in March 2022; the data has contributed towards a report on the role of stalking advocates across the UK and the experience of stalking victims. The report was published on Monday 25th April, accessible here: Bridging The Gap: A Stalking Advocate for Every Victim



We held an online conference on Wednesday 27th April 2022, with a number of key specialists taking part, sharing their expertise on stalking. Recordings will be available soon, watch this space. National Stalking Awareness Week Conference: Bridging The Gap



Our podcast recorded in recognition of National Stalking Awareness Week 2022 features Clive Ruggles, co-founder of the Alice Ruggles Trust, and Richard Spinks, father of Gracie Spinks. Both Clive and Richard reflect on the tragic murders of their daughters, committed by stalkers, and discuss how the cases may have unfolded differently had an expert been involved from the start. The podcast was released on Tuesday 26th April, and you can listen here...

The Need for Stalking Advocates: Fathers in Discussion 


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We are leading a national campaign across all of our social media platforms, and welcome your support and engagement. Below are the logos and infographics you can use across social media, as well as our comms pack containing the tweets and information for each day. 

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Press Release:

You can read our press release here, with key findings from the report:

Press Release: Bridging The Gap

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