24th - 28th April 2023

Every year, we celebrate National Stalking Awareness Week by campaigning to raise awareness around a different issue related to stalking.

The theme of the conference this year is Standing Against Stalking, highlighting the urgent need to stand together with young people, to support them to recognise stalking and access specialist support, particularly within schools and higher education institutions. 



Thank you to all that took part in our survey in March 2023; the data has contributed towards a briefing which will be released on 24th April.



Thank you to everyone who joined us on Tuesday 25th April for the Standing Against Stalking: Supporting Young People conference.


Educational Resources

We have several downloadable resources available to help spread awareness about stalking amongst young people in schools and universities, as well as information about our bespoke training packages that can be delivered within educational institutions such as Universities. These will be available from our website Educational Resources


Social Media

We are leading a national campaign across all of our social media platforms, and welcome your support and engagement. Below are the logos and infographics you can use across social media, as well as our comms pack containing the tweets and information for each day. These are embargoed until Monday 24th April 

Standing Against Stalking logo

National Stalking Awareness Week 2023 Comms Pack

88% of respondents   88% Meta

87% of respondents   87% Meta

84% of respondents   84% Meta

77% of respondents   77% Meta

70% of respondents   70% Meta

42% of respondents   42% Meta

33% of respondents   33% Meta

30% of respondents   30% Meta

28% of respondents   28% Meta

26% of respondents   26% Meta

25% of respondents   25% Meta

18% of respondents   18% Meta

Online behaviours      Online behaviours Meta

In person behaviours In person behaviours Meta