SoloProtect UK and Suzy Lamplugh Trust have worked together in collaboration to develop a guide for employers to support victims of stalking. As many as 21 people known to the victim can be implicated when stalking is present. This can include work colleagues who can therefore be at risk. 'Supporting victims of stalking in your workplace' is available for organisations to download for free and is a comprehensive guide for employers to better identify, understand and support colleagues who are experiencing stalking.

Following our report from National Stalking Awareness Week 2021 'Unmasking Stalking: A Changing Landscape' we know that online stalking behaviours increased during the pandemic and remote working has meant that people are easier to track by perpetrators. 

This guide will aid organisations in ways to support their colleagues affected by stalking in the workplace. You can also talk to us at the Suzy Lamplugh Trust about our training courses to enable employers to better understand the risks and impact of stalking on the victim.


If you are being stalked, contact the National Stalking Helpline

You can also use our online tool for advice and information Am I Being Stalked?