Orbis’ devices and smartphone application provide 24/7 monitoring supported by own in-house BS5979 CATII / BS8484 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre, keeping your people safe all year round.

SOS Alarm Fob

The SOS Alarm is our smallest, most simple and discreet BS8484 certified Red Alert Alarm product. It packs an impressive range of features including GPS, Amber Alert, Amber Alert and Man down detection. Equipped with the SOS Alarm device, users are only one click away from complete protection. Weighing just 35 grams, the device can be worn on a lanyard, strap carabiner belt lanyard or on a key fob without impacting on the user’s daily routine. The device is also available with an ID badge accessory.

RedAlert 1100 – Alternative to Mobile Device

The BS8484 Certified RedAlert 1100 Series is an ideal solution for staff who also require a basic mobile phone. The device features GPS technology allowing us to identify the users location in an emergency. It comes with four remotely configurable dial buttons and one emergency call button, a design which enables users to call contacts in a very quick and convenient way.

Halo Smartwatch

Halo watch is the next-generation personal device for lone worker support. A full functional android smartwatch, it features a range of advanced functions designed to support lone workers in the field. The Halo watch provides reassurance for the wearer while tracking their location and creating a detailed audit trail of times, places and events. Most importantly, it provides the means to monitor, assist and quickly locate lone workers should anything go wrong.

Red Alert ID Badge

Red Alert ID is a personal alarm device with a full range of lone worker protection functionalities, further aiding lone worker safety through its discreet design as an identity card holder. Red Alert ID is well suited for safety for front office, health care staff and social workers.