Your support allows Suzy Lamplugh Trust to educate, support and campaign for thousands of people across the UK every year. We simply could not exist without you. 

We are constantly reviewing our fundraising activities and we want you to feel informed and reassured that we carry out our fundraising in an ethical, responsible, and effective manner.

We promise that when you choose to support Suzy Lamplugh Trust we will:

  • take care of your data and respect your privacy
  • keep you up to date through our monthly postcards and annual reports about how your support is allowing us to achieve our mission
  • respect your wishes and respond promptly if you would like us to change how and when we contact you
  • only contact you by email or telephone if you have provided us with these contact details and have agreed for us to do so
  • adhere to all legislation, guidelines and standards related to our fundraising activities
  • ensure that the ways we fundraise meet our own organisational values