Pay in your funds:


After you've done all the hard work of fundraising for Suzy Lamplugh Trust, you need to send your hard-earned funds to us so we can put them to good use.


If you have cash donations, don't send it through the post. Follow these simple steps to transfer your funds to Suzy Lamplugh Trust:

  1. Collect – when your event is finished, it is best to collect the money you have raised as quickly as possible.
  2. Count – ensure that two people are present when you are counting cash.
  3. Pay– pay funds into your bank account, get a receipt and pay the amount to Suzy Lamplugh Trust via your credit or debit card. This can be done online, over the phone or directly through our website.




You can pay in your funds via our website.

Visit donation page. Select 'One-off donation' and enter your donation amount. Enter your details and let us know if you’re happy for us to contact you to say thank you.


Visit the JustGiving website. Select 'Start fundraising' and follow the instructions. Pay in any cash you've collected and share the link with your friends and family too.


  1. Bank or cash any cheques made payable to you and write a cheque to Suzy Lamplugh Trust for the amount collected. Please enclose your name and address with your cheque so we can thank you properly for your fantastic fundraising.
  2. Please send your cheque Suzy Lamplugh Trust, 17 – 19 Oval Way, London, SE11 5RR 


Thank you for your Donation

A big thank you from all of us here at Suzy Lamplugh Trust. We rely on the generosity of people like you to educate, support and campaign for a safer UK every year. We couldn't do it without you.