More than just a panic button, the Peoplesafe SOS App is an essential personal safety alarm for anyone who wants the reassurance of professional protection at home, on their commute or in their social lives.

See how it works:

The Peoplesafe SOS App is connected to the Peoplesafe Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) which is operational 24/7/365 and staffed with expertly-trained Alarm Controllers dedicated to handling personal safety alarms.

Key features:

  • SOS alarm – once activated, the ARC will answer in 3 seconds, on average
  • Discreet alarm – activate the SOS alarm without raising suspicion
  • Managed response – all SOS alarms are answered by a professional Alarm Controller
  • Share Location – share your journey with a nominated contact

During setup of this service, a user profile is created that is linked to the Peoplesafe SOS App providing vital personal information to the ARC such as name, date of birth and any medical conditions. When an SOS alarm is raised, the Alarm Controller will be able to get help to you quicker than calling 999. In an emergency, they have the power to bypass 999 completely and talk directly to police control rooms, saving valuable time.

All alarm audio is recorded and securely stored, and can be admissible as evidence in the event of a prosecution. The Peoplesafe SOS App is available on iOS and Android


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