Our online personal safety training modules is for organisations that require personal safety training for more than 300 employees per year. This course offers affordable packages, flexibility, easy accessibility, retention of knowledge, comfort and self-paced learning for large organisations that find training their workforce challenging.

Aligned with all our personal safety training products, the objective behind the online modules is to effectively change personal safety behaviours. Although knowledge is part of the process, application is more important as it leads to creating safe habits, given that knowing something is not the same as doing it.

To effectively push behaviour change, the modules follow these phases:

  1. Awareness: Learners understand WHY these safety measures are important to them
  2. Knowledge/Skills: Learners learn HOW to master their new knowledge and skills
  3. Application: Learners focus on HOW to apply what they have learned to their everyday job.


Learning tasks are used to test what each delegate has understood within the context of their job role and personal safety risks, rather than simply testing that they can recall the content within each module. Each learning task completed by learners on the online training provides evidence of the knowledge gained, and how they plan to apply this to their day job.

This will also enable Managers to measure and evaluate the knowledge, skills, and awareness of their employee's personal safety practices, how they plan and implement avoidance strategies, and what they do towards keeping themselves safe.

For more information regarding the eLearning course, please complete the training enquiry form.