Planning an event can sometimes be overwhelming; do you have enough forks? Will it rain? Will people come? Will people donate?


But don’t forget, no experience is required to run a fundraising event – they are great fun and people always get behind them. But, to help ease some of these concerns, we’ve compiled our top 10 tips for planning an event:


  1. Keep it simple – There is no need to over complicate any event, you can always get more adventurous with future events.
  2. Pick a date – Check with the people who you really want to come on the best date for them and book in the most mutually convenient
  3. Promote – promote your event on social channels and ask people to let you know if they’re planning to come – we recommend doing this to private groups rather than a post toyou’re your friends and followers in order to effectively manage numbers
  4. Select a target – Every amount raised – little or small – is vital to us continuing our live changing work. Setting a target can help you and your supporters to stay focused on reaching it
  5. Venue – Decide where you’re going to hold your event – if it’s at a place you need to book, phone up as far in advance to book it to ensure the date is available.
  6. A little help – Ask a friend for support to pull off this amazing event
  7. Maximise your fundraising – You can set up an online fundraising page, online giving is easy to set up and through Just Giving, for example, donors can tick to automatically add Gift Aid which is an additional 25% per donation. By doing this, at the end of the fundraiser, the donations will automatically come to us and save you having to go to the bank
  8. Keep it safe and legal
  9. Ask for help – we are here to support you and make sure your event is as successful as it’s possible to be. Please email or call us with any questions or queries: [email protected] or 020 7091 0014
  10. Have fun – Fundraising is meant to be fun, raising money, doing something you love, for a good cause, any amount is always appreciated so please have fun whilst doing it