SoloProtect is a market-leading provider of lone worker technology and personal safety solutions for businesses, charity organisations and the public sector. 
Our popular range of effective and discreet devices is complemented by a mobile app - providing a solution to suit all requirements.
Our 24/7, state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre provides users with essential support and a rapid response - whether they fear for their personal safety or have had an accident. In fact, following a Red Alert, our specially trained operators listen into the situation and initiate a response in just over 41 seconds, on average. This could mean alerting the emergency services or contacting the user's dedicated escalation contact (e.g. a manager or family member).
Using geolocation technology, we can pinpoint the exact location of an incident - even in remote areas or on sprawling sites (such as airports, shopping centres, or car parks). And our BS 8484:2022 accreditation means we can bypass 999 and get straight to the necessary regional police force, saving valuable time when seconds really count.
In addition to the Red Alert emergency alarm, users of the SoloProtect solution benefit from incapacitation (“man down alarm”) functionality, where the device or app can cleverly sense if the user has suffered a slip, trip or all, and Ready2Talk, our innovative, new companion service designed to support workers in non-emergency situations where there’s a clear safety risk.
Moreover, all of our customers get access to our SoloProtect Insights platform for easy user onboarding, training, reporting, ongoing solution management, and more.

The device range:

SoloProtect ID Touch

SoloProtect ID Touch is a personal safety device and ID badge rolled into one. It’s the next generation of lone working device, benefiting from an intuitive touchscreen and 4G connectivity, and is water and dust proof (IP67).

This device is ideal for anyone who regularly displays their ID badge as part of their role or to access premises. Users of the SoloProtect ID Touch can discreetly raise an emergency Red Alert at the press of a button without breaking eye contact or alerting a potential assailant.


SoloProtect Shield

SoloProtect Shield is a feature-rich, 4G, pocket-sized device that is ideal for workers with an active role, off-road or on-site. Device users will find the contemporary, touchscreen interface extremely easy to use.

Also, dust and waterproof with a dependable battery life, the SoloProtect Shield provides ultimate protection and peace of mind.


SoloProtect Curve

SoloProtect Curve is extremely sleek with bags of curb appeal. Like the Shield and ID Touch, it has an intuitive touchscreen and 4G connectivity, and is feature-rich and dust and waterproof, with a great battery life.

The device is perfect for anyone who likes their safety technology to both provide effective protection and have plenty of aesthetic appeal.


SoloProtect ID Classic

Similar to the SoloProtect ID Touch, SoloProtect ID Classic is a personal safety device and ID badge combined. It’s popular because it’s extremely efficient at keeping device users safe, as well as being very cost-effective.


SoloProtect Go

SoloProtect Go is a fob-style device that’s ideal for anyone who wants their safety device to be simple, small and compact. It’s perfect for wearing on a lanyard, belt clip or keyring.


SoloProtect mobile app

SoloProtect Mobile can quickly transform a phone into a valuable and efficient personal safety tool. It provides an easy middle-ground option for organisations that want to bolster their personal safety and reporting measures, and demonstrate duty of care to employees, without providing users with a physical device.

The app is very cost-effective, offers great flexibility, is extremely quick to implement and easy to use. It provides all the functionality of SoloProtect’s existing personal protection solution, including a Red Alert emergency alarm, Incapacitation Alert, Check-In, and Ready2Talk, to name just a few.

SoloProtect Mobile is available for Android and Apple phones.


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