SoloProtect is a market-leading provider of lone worker technology and personal safety solutions for businesses, charity organisations and the public sector.

Our popular range of effective and discreet devices is now complemented by a mobile app - providing a solution to suit all requirements.

Our 24/7, state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre provides users with essential support and a rapid response - whether they fear for their personal safety or have had an accident. In fact, following a Red Alert, our specially trained operators listen into the situation and initiate a response in just over 30 seconds, on average. This could mean alerting the emergency services or contacting the user's dedicated escalation contact (e.g. a manager or family member).

Using geolocation technology, we can pinpoint the exact location of an incident - even in remote areas or on sprawling sites (such as airports, shopping centres, or car parks). Moreover, our BS 8484:2016 accreditation means we can bypass 999 and get straight to the necessary regional police force, saving valuable time when seconds really do count.

Users of the SoloProtect solution also benefit from our incapacitation (“man down”) functionality, where the device can cleverly sense if the user has become immobile, along with access to our SoloProtect Insights platform for easy user onboarding, training, reporting, device allocation, ongoing solution management, and more.

Implementing a SoloProtect personal safety solution will deliver:

  • A safer workforce - 24/7 support, where the user is totally in control.
  • A solution that reflects the structure of your organisation - both departmentally and in terms of reporting lines, allowing managers to directly oversee their teams’ personal safety.
  • Greater visibility – access meaningful reporting to monitor solution use and much more. Scale up or down depending on your requirements and send automated reports to those who need it at a frequency to suit them.
  • A safety-first brand – investing in a personal safety solution really does demonstrate that you care about the personal safety of your colleagues - both in and out of the work environment.
  • Greater control - our solution allows you to easily allocate devices or app licenses to your colleagues, amend reporting lines, and train new colleagues via SoloProtect Insights – minimising your admin time.


The Device Range:


SoloProtect ID

A personal safety device and ID badge rolled into one. SoloProtect ID is a trusted, popular and highly wearable solution for lone workers who require a discreet device - particularly anyone who regularly displays their ID badge as part of their role or to access premises.
The simple single-button operation ensures a user can raise a panic alarm if their personal safety is threatened, without breaking eye contact or alerting a potential assailant.

SoloProtect M2

Pocket-sized but packs a punch. The SoloProtect Mini 2 is a versatile and waterproof personal protection device that loves the outdoors - a great safety solution for whatever gets thrown your way.
It’s ideal for active users either off-road or on-site, and the sleek device features an icon-driven user interface, making it simple to use with a modern feel.

SoloProtect M1

Great to use at work, but just as comfortable in your personal life. SoloProtect Mini 1 is a sleek personal safety option, that you won't be shy to show-off.
The M1 is a refined personal safety device that is equally adept for use by consumers and workers requiring a greater aesthetic appeal from their safety technology.


All SoloProtect devices:

  • Are small, light and discreet
  • Are simple to use
  • Have greater cellular connectivity (4G)
  • Have up to 48-hour battery life
  • Are water and dust resistant
  • Are equipped for noisy environments as they vibrate in a distinct pattern when activated
  • Have a range of attachments so you can wear them on your belt, keyring or lanyard.

SoloProtect mobile app

SoloProtect Mobile can quickly transform a phone into a valuable and efficient personal safety tool. It provides an easy middle-ground option for organisations that want to bolster their personal safety and reporting measures, and demonstrate duty of care to employees, without providing users with a physical device.

The app offers great flexibility, is extremely quick to implement and easy to use. It provides all the functionality of SoloProtect’s existing personal protection solution, including a Red Alert emergency alarm, Incapacitation Alarm, Check-In, and Ready2Talk, to name just a few.

SoloProtect Mobile is available for Android (5+) and Apple (iOS 9+) mobile phones.

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