SoloProtect helps employers provide discreet, and comprehensive protection to their lone workers. Whether community-based, fixed site, or mobile – a lone worker using SoloProtect has 24/7 support via an in-house, state of the art, EN50518 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.


The company was formed in 2003, and is the sole manufacturer of Identicom, a discreet communication device, styled like an ID badge – now used by over 200,000 lone workers worldwide, in order to reduce the impact of verbal aggression, attack or incapacitation (commonly referred to as ‘Man Down’).


SoloProtect was the first lone worker supplier to be approved against BS 8484:2016, the latest version of the lone worker, British Standard. The company is also an approved member of the Cyber Essentials Plus scheme.


SoloProtect is proud to support Suzy Lamplugh Trust, it’s UK Head Office in Sheffield is named Suzy Lamplugh House (opened 2015), and remains a training base used by the trust to deliver personal safety training to clients in or around Northern England.