"During AXA Week for Good – AXA’s global volunteering week - Stand Up training was delivered by the Trust to our employees based in Paris. Not only did they learn how to safely prevent and respond to street harassment, but also how to build inclusive spaces for all. After just one-hour, employees told us they felt more confident in identifying harassment and empowered to intervene. It was a powerful reminder that we can have a positive impact on women’s lives through our actions. I’d encourage everyone to get trained and share what they have learned with others."

Carlene Clifford, AXA Group Inclusion & Diversity.


"I wanted to say a big thank you to the Trainer who was so friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I feel much better about how to approach situations now and learned that intervention doesn't have to be a big scene."


"I attended the bystander training and that evening whilst travelling with my partner, I shared with him the different techniques I had learned. At the end of the night, we were walking back to the station and my partner noticed a situation between a female and a male. He overheard her repeating herself, saying she was flattered, but no thank you. He told me and we decided to indirectly intervene. He asked the guy a question to disrupt their conversation and I asked the lady how she was. She noticed what we were doing and engaged in a conversation with me until the guy left. She was thankful to us both for helping her out of the situation, saying the guy wasn't leaving her alone and making her feel uncomfortable. I shared that I just had training on this type of situation and shared what I had learned with her too."


"Some of the techniques are common sense but you may not immediately think of them, so having them listed out is really useful. Use of the videos and example scenarios was also really useful to reflect on how you might act / react."


"As CEO, there is a lot I can do to create a safe environment for my colleagues but street harassment is a real thing, and, to an extent, out of my control. 

I witnessed such an event and intervened. That day shook me (still does to this day). It was not the response of the harassers to me when I intervened (verbal abuse and threats of violence) but the lack of response from the other 5 men there (heads down/look away etc). It happened at 5pm on a weekday - not late at night. 

It has always intrigued me why they didn't help me and the woman. Perhaps if was the lack of understanding about the options available. So, today, I attended a great course run by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and supported by L’Oréal Paris. The course is free but invaluable. Anyone will be better equipped to help someone else in this situation by attending."


"It's a really clear and well paced course - I feel very well informed now."


"It gives you ideas and guidance on how to deal with uncomfortable situations of harassment. I would feel comfortable to use the distraction technique. The course has really made me think."


"Definitely recommend this course to others as a good overview of how to manage street harassment in simple terms that gives me a sense of empowerment."


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