For staff that work alone or in dangerous environments there is always the risk that they may find themselves injured or in danger without a way to contact emergency services. StaySafe is a smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring service which enables employees to check-in safely and request immediate assistance to their exact location in an emergency. It is a cost effective, simple and flexible solution designed to be quickly adopted by lone workers - so you can get the maximum return on investment. We also offer wearable devices that can pair with the app and satellite tracking devices for remote workers. Our lone worker solutions keep over 40,000 employees safe globally every day.


The App

The StaySafe app offers a wide range of functions including panic button, check-in, man-down and duress alerts. It is supported on both iOS and Android smartphones and offers 16% more coverage than any other lone worker mobile app, ensuring staff who operate in rural or urban areas with low signal can still be protected. The app seamlessly switches between all available connections, including a low signal mode, to offer the greatest connectivity and accuracy possible. 

StaySafe Lone Worker solutions are BS8484 and CyberEssentials Plus accredited, so you have peace of mind that you are selecting robust, trusted protection for your employees.

Employees are in complete control of when their location is visible to ensure their privacy is maintained and they are comfortable using the StaySafe app as part of their working day. 



We work with a number of security accredited monitoring partners around the world to provide our clients with a professional and robust monitoring service for all their lone workers. 

We also offer you the option to monitor your lone workers in-house with out secure cloud-based monitoring Hub that provides you with real-time updates on the safety status of your lone workers. Built with a smooth user experience in mind, the Hub is customisable and allows you to create tailored reporting lines and escalation procedures to ensure lone workers get the help they need in an emergency.


To find out more about StaySafe or book your free online demo and trial, please visit our website.