2010 - In partnership with Network for Surviving Stalking and Protection Against Stalking, Suzy Lamplugh Trust established the National Stalking Helpline - the first of its kind in the world.
2011 - On the anniversary of the launch of the National Stalking Helpline, the first National Stalking Awareness Day (later to become National Stalking Awareness Week) was held.
2015 - Suzy Lamplugh Trust launched its PLAN peer education programme for young people.
2016 - To mark Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s 30th anniversary, The Right To Be Safe appeal was launched ­– raising money to help young people lead safer lives.
2018 - Suzy Lamplugh Trust published the results of its survey into violence and aggression against retail workers and began development of Suzy’s Charter for Workplace Safety.
Suzy Lamplugh Trust set up the Reach Appeal to help provide support for victims of stalking.
The Multi Agency Stalking Intervention Programme (MASIP) was established, aims to reduce risk and reoffending by identifying and addressing the specific patterns of fixated and obsessive behaviour at the earliest possible stag
2019 - Suzy Lamplugh trust was instrumental in bringing about the new Stalking Protection Bill, a crucial piece of legislation which uses Stalking Protection Orders (SPOs) to improve the safety of stalking victims.
Suzy Lamplugh Trust’s work was central to the UK government’s commitment to legislate for national standards to improve safety in taxi and private hire vehicle licensing.